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Appraisals for Buyers & Sellers

Appraisals for Buyers & Sellers

Buying a home is a significant investment.  Before you invest in a property, you should obtain a professional appraisal from an appraiser with your interests in mind. Normally an appraisal will need to be performed on behalf of the lender, by an appraiser working closely with sellers, brokers, and agents.

Our appraisers bring critical analysis to help you choose the best options possible. We also offer additional market information that can benefit you during the process of buying a new home. From local property listing data to general market info, our experienced team has helped countless homeowners navigate real estate in the Bay area.

Contact A Licensed Appraiser

At Sacramento Valley Appraisal, our goal is to provide honest assessments of real estate for all parties involved. Over the years, we are pleased to know that our work has given peace and comfort to buyers and sellers alike. Contact us today to have an appraiser assist you with your purchase of a new home!

Sacramento Valley Appraisal  (916) 407 – 5540

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