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Bail Bond Appraisal

Bail Bond Appraisal

A Bail Bond at times requires the services of a real estate home appraiser to provide a realistic assessment of value. Sacramento Valley Appraisal understands the importance of expediting your property appraisal given the sensitivity of the situation. Thus, we even termed these appraisals as “drop everything we’re doing appraisals.” We may even reschedule other appointments in progress to give this our complete and immediate attention.

This type of appraisal is required to be performed when a client is offering up property as collateral for bail or immigration bond. Thus the Bail Bond Appraisal. And when you need to know what your property really is worth, and want the facts quickly, Sacramento Valley Appraisal has the skill set, knowledge, and expertise to efficiently complete the home real estate appraisal for you or your attorney.

Professional Experience

We are experienced with the procedures, requirements and data sources to accurately perform a home appraisal for the purposes of the bail bond. Additionally, we are bound by confidentiality agreements in the ethics provision within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). This ensures the fullest degree of discretion in the property appraisal process. We take care to keep abreast of trends in our profession, subscribing to Working RE Magazine and following updates, particularly in new technology relevant to the Appraisal Profession. We are professionals and take our profession seriously. As well as the work we do to provide property valuations in the Sacramento Region.

Conclusion & Contact

We are professionals and strive for complete customer satisfaction. We offer an Expert Opinion, State Credentials, and Good Customer Service! Please reach out and contact us with any questions you may have regarding a real estate appraisal in the Sacramento Valley and Sierra Foothills area. We will inspect your property at your convenience. After hours and Saturday included. And will complete the property valuation on a 1004 form industry standard within 48 hours from inspection. We will email this to you in a pdf file format.

Please Contact: Sacramento Valley Appraisal: (916) 407-5540

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