• $300.00 – Standard Appraisal (Home appraisal) – This is the most comprehensive appraisal type and it includes a full inspection and full property and neighborhood descriptions in the appraisal report (fnma form 1004). This appraisal type is ideal for situations where there may be a dispute such as bankruptcy, divorce, bonds, etc. However, it is used for most appraisal purposes.
  • $250.00 – Drive-By Appraisal (homes) – This appraisal type includes an inspection from the street only. Ideal for situations where access to the property is not allowed or where a very general value is all that is required without due consideration to interior amenities or condition.
  • $225.00 – Land Appraisal – Provided on a Fnma Land Appraisal form with three or more comparable sales.
  • $150.00 – Desktop Home Appraisal – No inspection is performed and the analysis is based on your verbal/written description and/or online data sources only.
  • $100.00 – Living Area Certification – We measure your property and provide a certification as to its living area size and include a sketch for reference.

Common Appraisal Purposes

Below is a list of some of our most common appraisal purposes.  Please remember that this is by no means a comprehensive list.  We have appraised for a multitude of purposes across many local markets.
bankruptcy Divorce /  Dissolution Probate Trusts Bail Bonds
Estates Date of Death Retrospective Foreclosure Short Sales
Mortgages Pre-purchase  REOs Before Selling Taxes(Property & IRS)
Insurance Claims Partnership Dissolution Relocation Surety Bonds Remodeling
PMI Removal Liquidation Litigation


Other Types of Appraisals:

  • Residential Income, 2 – 4 units  (form 1025)  $550.00
  • Interior Condominium   (form 1073)   $350.00
  • Exterior Only Condominium:  (form 1075)  $250.00
  • Relocation Appraisal  (ERC Form)   $600.00
  • Operating Income :  (Form 216)     $75.00
  • Comparable Rent :   (Form 1007)   $75.00