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Local Home Appraisers–Finding the best appraiser in your local market

Local Home Appraisers–Finding the best appraiser in your local market

Real estate appraisers have begun to market themselves in many different ways and with many different search terms. This is because the whole industry of searching for appraisers has become a sophisticated art if not a science. The term local home appraisers, for instance, would not have been used even three or four years ago as a search term. The typical user of real estate appraisers would not be concerned with the term ‘local’ because it would be assumed that all appraisers were local. Now, however because of the diversification of the industry appraisers can appraise in many different areas including small towns, larger cities, three or four counties and even specific regions–none of which may define a term such as local home appraisers In the way most people think.


Those who are local home appraisers can be defined in several different ways. One of which would be the immediate neighborhood within a radius of 1/2 mile of the property in question. However ‘local’ is also a relative term depending on how many appraisers are in that specific geographic area. Traditionally it is calculated that a local home appraiser in your market is somebody within your immediate area, probably within half a mile. This may not be the case, however depending on how many other appraisers there are in that area. ‘Local’ could therefore take the meaning of an appraiser that’s one or 2 miles away –or even more from the subject property.


A case in point would be a rural area where there are few appraisers available. ‘Local’ home appraiser would take on a completely and entirely different meaning, as that specific appraiser may be the only one providing services in a small rural community but may still be 5 to 10 miles away from the subject property. This is not how most people consider ‘local’ as a search term. Therefore, the term local home appraisers must only apply in urban or suburban settings where there are always, particularly in most counties in California, a plethora of appraisers and their available services.


Thus, searching for local home appraisers may be somewhat misleading, but it is still a very viable way to secure the services of an appraiser. For in most cases this will provide an appraiser that knows the particular area of the subject property well, has had experience in that area, and is available to provide professional and timely services. It is up to the homeowner to understand that not every appraiser is going to necessarily be local to them, and even those that claim to be so may still not understand the nuances of the neighborhood in which they are praising this is a common misconception based on an assumption that proximity can also equal competence and knowledge. If this were true then an attorney for instance living in Southern California would not be able to adequately we represent a client in Northern California.


But we all know that is a ridiculous assumption because the set of tools that they use and professional requirements and expertise can be transferred, locality notwithstanding. Thus there is some nuance in the term local home appraisers and what that means for any given assignment. The best way is to check the website of the proposed appraiser, check his credentials and references, and make an informed decision based on those criteria.

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