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REO Foreclosure Appraisal

REO Foreclosure Appraisal

As Sacramento appraisers, we at Sacramento Valley Appraisal have years of experience in completing REO (Real Estate Owned) appraisals, having completed hundreds of these types of appraisals, particularly within the past several years, providing both lenders and various clients with excellent REO appraisal products. As Sacramento Real Estate Appraisers, we have a comprehensive and intimate knowledge of the local REO market in both Sacramento and Placer counties with a good knowledge as well in Yolo, El Dorado and Nevada Counties; understanding the nature of listings, the use of pending sales and short sales in valuation, and how each type can affect a local neighborhood or market.

In addition, we have a good working knowledge of repair costs for single family homes and small residential properties in Sacramento and surrounding areas. We rely on internet database tools such as the Marshall and Swift Residential Handbook and Homefacts.Com, as well as consulation with local brokers and agents in order to determine estimates of repairs for the various properties under appraisal. We rountinely give both an as is and as repaired value, as requested by most clients for Sacramento home appraisals.

We have monthly subscribtions for most appraisal tools of the trade in order to complete Sacramento and local residential home appraisals. These include Realquest data services and Sacramento Metrolist Services (MLS) as local data sources, as well as Homefacts and Marshall Swift for cost services. These help facilitate our Sacramento appraiser valuations on local properties, and are the most reliable products available, and standards in the appraisal industry. In addition, we will occasionally use online free databases such as Zillow and Redit; however, these are only ancillary valuation services and are not primary reliable data sources. MLS and Realquest services have data included for Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, and Yolo counties.

A good Sacramento real estate appraiser will provide a thorough and comprehensive analysis and report for each appraisal undertaking. This will include excellent customer service, a good follow through for any questions that might arise about the process, time frame, etc– all provided with a professional respect and courtesy.

From the very beginning of contact, to the process of setting up the inspection, field work, and final estimate of value, you’ll find us, as Sacramento County property appraiser, to be responsive to your needs and requests, providing a user friendly appraisal report in a timely manner.

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