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Review Appraisal

Review Appraisal

Recently, the Federal Reserve Bank has stated that financial based institutions should rely on a comprehensive and very independent real estate appraisal evaluation program, and furthermore, that all appraisers who undertake appraisal reviews should have adequate knowledge and sufficient expertise to determine compliance with the Federal Reserve’s appraisal regulations and guidelines. Sacramento Valley Appraisals is able to provide just such quality review services, as we are independent, qualified professionals who can conform to these requirements and guidelines.

Appraisal reviews determine whether or not an appraisal evaluation conforms to and is approipate for the undertaken transaction; the inherent risk found in the transaction; and/or whether the appraisal process from which the appraised valuation is found would maintain both independence and quality. Further, the Fed states that they “should indicate whether an appraisal or any specific valuation is more or less consistent with the letter of engagement which determines the scope of the appraisal assignment.

As well as offering compliance and ensuring conformity in our appraisal work, based on our client’s needs and requests, there are several FNMA forms that we normally use in appraisal review services; and we have expertise in preparing to review an appraisal for each of them. These are desk reviews, field reviews, an abridged form appraisal and the narrative appraisal. Here at Sacramento Valley Appraisals, we have adequate experience in each of these types of review appraisals and offer a quality service to you, our clients.

Reliance on and compliance with the Uniform Standards {of} Professional Practice—USPAP—governs our appraisal reviews. We understand the most common deficiencies noted in various appraisal reports, and do a thorough analysis before concluding our review, and/or suggesting an alternate value, as the case may be.

In short, Sacramento Valley Appraisal offers reliable service and independent judgement, as we offer a professional service, objective analysis, along with ethical conduct to our clients. If you have any questions before placing your order with us, please don’t hesitate to call during normal business hours. We can be reached at

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