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Not only was he a bad tipper to servers at restaurants

Not only was he a bad tipper to servers at restaurants

Canada Goose Outlet Keeping the real man’s name anonymous, the Big Bang Theory star chose to call him John throughout the video to protect his privacy and admitted to dating him when she was just 19 years old and just starting her career.Scroll down for videoAiring her dirty laundry: The 32 year old describes her past relationship with a well known celebrity who was so cheap he wouldn’t leave tips for any serversKaley shared with the magazine that before she was a celebrity she was a, ‘Sweet wide eyed 19 year old,’ who was just starting out her career.’I was just starting to make a little money and starting out when I met a guy a hot guy, she said of her boyfriend at the time whose name she refused to disclose.However, she did share that he’s an actor and confessed, ‘Let’s call him John because if I told you his name, you’d know who he is.’Explaining that the couple’s relationship was running smoothly, everything went terribly wrong when she found out he is a horrible tipper.Not only was he a bad tipper to servers at restaurants, drivers or with anyone that would help them while they were out, she said he was just straight cheap.When they went on their first official date at a fancy restaurant, she knew things were bad.Gushing about her old beau she said, ‘He was magical. Everyone that met him loved him too and we looked cute together nothing could go wrong,’ until it did.’He wanted to take me on a really nice romantic dinner date. It was kind of a surprise and I was so excited because we hadn’t really done this yet.’We had this great dinner, we got along and the conversation was great,’ she shared.Kaley evenoffered to split the bill with him but he was insistent on paying but when thebill finally came he started looking at it seriously while squinting before closingthe bill back up without putting a card down or paying.He then took his phone out and began multiplying an eight per cent tip which is when she said a light bulb went off and she realized, ‘Oh my god. Canada Goose this link Outlet

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