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Reciprocal Health Care Agreement France

Reciprocal Health Care Agreement France

The CEVK entitles you to reimbursement of health care under the same conditions as the residents of France. Speak english? If you need information about your health insurance rights in France, call Ameli`s special advice centre: “The presentation of the CEVK entitles you to a treatment that may become necessary during your trip, but which does not allow you to go abroad specifically to receive medical care. However, maternity care, kidney dialysis and the treatment of symptoms of existing or chronic diseases that occur abroad are all covered by the ECA.┬áIf you see a doctor before hospitalization, your doctor may recommend an institution that meets your needs, taking into account the quality of care. If you are visiting outside the EEA, you must determine whether there is a mutual agreement between your country of origin and France. If necessary, you must purchase private health insurance for the visit. Fees charged by health professionals are reimbursed at 60% of the official social security rate. A fee of 0.5 euros per paramedic procedure (up to a daily maximum of 2 euros for the benefits provided by the same doctor for the same patient) is deducted from the total amount of the reimbursement. The card guarantees that you have access to health care in France without having to complete any formalities with the French local authorities. As far as services are concerned, you will be treated like all those under the French public system. The paramedical care of allied health workers (nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) is covered when prescribed by a doctor.

Before you leave, you should apply for the European Health Insurance Card (CEVK) at your local health insurance company. The amount of reimbursement for dental care in France is also low, so if you need expensive emergency dental care, expect to pay for most of your own, unless you have travel insurance that will cover it. It is important to purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover emergency medical coverage and related costs.

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