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Streaming Agreement Deutsch

Streaming Agreement Deutsch

The responsibilities of the broadcaster, the seller and the platform under different models and agreements are not identical. We will analyze by discovering the important role it plays in the important laws and regulations that follow. In most cases, publishers claim a sum (part of royalties) that can account for most of the author`s total income, plus the small flow of electricity “running royal”. Some fees may be charged in advance paid, which waives other advances to be paid or current fees paid. The author and the publisher can independently develop the agreement between them or with a representative representing the author. There is a lot of risk for the author – definition of the hedging price, the retail price, the “net price,” the discounts on the sale, the massive sales on the POD platform (on demand), the duration of the agreement, the verification of publishing accounts in case of mismatch, etc., that an agent can provide. S3MEA (“WUC,” “we” or “we”) offers content streaming and social networking services that enable the distribution of live and recorded video and audio content on the Internet, mobile and other means of data communication through the use of WUC proprietary video players and syndication infrastructure (all previous parts (the “services”) and our website. Subject to the rights you grant us under this Agreement, you reserve between us and you all property rights over and on copyright as well as all other rights and interests on and on your titles and subscriptions. We reserve all property rights over and over copyright and all other rights and interests of the program, program website and all Amazon features, as well as all materials we use or make available to you for your titles and subscriptions (for example. B general coverage used for your titles or subscriptions if you don`t provide them.

We are solely responsible and play the full game of the terms, features and operation of the program and the website of the program and associated marketing, but our use of titles, promotional materials and subscriptions is subject to the terms of this agreement. If you choose to make suggestions, ideas or comments about the service, program, program website or something on the program`s website (“Feedback”) to Amazon or one of its related companies, Amazon and its associated companies are free to use and use the same thing without restriction and without compensation.

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