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Subrecipient Agreement

Subrecipient Agreement

OMB Uniform Guidance, defines uniform audits and monitoring requirements for sub-receivers. It is the responsibility of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Foundation (RF) Central Office Audit Department to ensure that the audit requirements of the circular are met. Responsibility for sub-recipient supervision is therefore distributed between the campus and the research foundation`s central office, and the monitoring guidelines are based on a level of risk associated with a particular subcontractor. A sub-recipient is an institution, company or organization that receives financial assistance at any level, which is passed on by the principal beneficiary of the main sponsorship contract. The part of the work done by the subcontractor is an essential part of the research program and the sub-recipient must provide the resources necessary to carry out this part of the work. The work must be carried out by the subcontractor`s staff using its facilities and support services, and the subcontractor assumes full responsibility, including intellectual, for the subcontracting efforts. Changes to a subcontractor agreement must take the form of a written amendment to the agreement signed by both parties. The IP must send OCG a request to amend one of the provisions of the agreement. The PR may also initiate the process of amending without a concrete request for the IP, as in the case of approval of the next budget period of the project. The OCG search administrator will initiate the change with full knowledge of the IP, and then forward it for verification and signature. A subaward must be closed at the end of the project, after all technical reports or other results have been completed by the subcontractor and after the subcontractor`s final invoice has been paid. Measures taken to conclude a sub-premium should also be taken when subcontracting ends prematurely, before the end date of a signed agreement. If PI finds that a sub-recipient contract must be terminated, it should contact OCG as soon as possible.

OCG sends a stop-work contract to the sub-recipient in accordance with the termination clause of the contract and follows up with a formal modification of the contract. At the end of the indicated expiry date, the OCG administrator receives final reports from the subrecipient institution, such as.B. Patent and Invention Reports, Real Estate Reports, HUB Supplier Reports or other closing reports if necessary. The OCG will, if necessary, send copies to the main sponsor of the UH. If the sub-receiver does not execute or has not provided the required reports, inform account-wide account payers and your SPA team to delay future payments until the issue is resolved. Document the problem and associated communications. Check the work statement before the requirement. Does it reflect the address request? Supplier and consulting contracts are signed by the Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Services.

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