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Teleworking Agreement Malta

Teleworking Agreement Malta

The Maltese government, through Malta Enterprise, has set up a system that helps employers and the self-employed invest in telework technologies and partially cover the costs of telework solutions. This call has been extended until May 8, 2020 and applies to all businesses, regardless of size and industry. For more information, click here. We help you prepare telework contracts, submit applications and prepare monthly reports. The purpose of this grant is to help employers and the self-employed invest in telework technologies. Unless the employer and teleworker have agreed otherwise in the written agreement on telework, the employer is responsible for the provision, installation and maintenance of the equipment necessary for telework and the provision of an appropriate technical assistance device for the teleworker. On the other hand, the teleworker is obliged to take care of the equipment and data provided by the employer and he must not collect or disseminate illegal material on the internet. Once the application is approved, the company issues a letter of authorization indicating the value of the aid granted. The company must provide and install approved devices at the teleworker`s home within two (2) weeks of the letter of authorization. The recipient submits a monthly report on the worker`s telework activity for the three (3) months following the authorization. Telework can be agreed either as a condition of employment at the beginning of employment or as part of the employment relationship.

If this is agreed in the context of employment, telework is considered to be totally voluntary, in the sense that the employee is free to accept or refuse an offer of telework from the employer, as well as the employer, if the employee expresses the wish to choose telework. The total aid under this appeal is limited to EUR 2,000,000 and limited to EUR 500 per telework agreement and EUR 4,000 per company. The applicants should point out that the de minimis regulation limits the total amount of aid per individual enterprise to EUR 200,000 for companies over a period of three (3) current years and EUR 100,000 for companies active in the road freight transport sector. Each company can apply for the maximum assistance provided by the regulation. To this end, the applicant must take into account all the de minimis aid granted to each company under other schemes (even if these are not managed by Malta Enterprise). Any telework implementation agreement must be written and contain information, as provided by the Information to Employees Regulations, as well as information including telework, as recorded in L.N. 312 of 2008 – Telework National Standard Order.

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